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Solar panel damage is rare, and many people invest in solar systems without thinking they could break. A National Renewable Energy Laboratory(NREL) study found that only .1 percent of solar panels experience damage. However, it does occasionally happen, and the leading cause of damage to Denver solar panels is hail or other types of storms. Weather in Denver and all of Colorado can vary from very hot to super cold. The storms that pass over Denver leave hail damage on the solar panels of homes and businesses, but luckily there is a company that can repair them! Sopris Solar’s service doesn’t just stop at installation – we also do repairs in Denver on solar panels for hail damage, often free of cost with warranties and insurance.

When Denver’s summer hailstorms come about, we often see storm damage by way of broken windows and windshields. While solar panels are made of tempered glass and generally made to withstand hail up to 50 miles per hour, they are not entirely unbreakable, and if damage happens to your solar panels, call Denver’s Sopris Solar for a quote on solar panel damage services. We have seen and fixed our fair share of hail damaged solar panels in Denver over the years, and are here to assist you should the next storm claim your panels as a victim. Whether your damaged solar panels need minor repairs or end up with hail damage to solar panels that require full removal or replacement, we can help get your Denver solar system functioning again. Estimates are always free, and services are usually covered under your Denver homeowner’s insurance.

Don’t let the wet weather deter you from investing in solar energy! Solar panels are actually incredibly durable and are shown to withstand winds up to 150 MPH and balls of hail bigger than an inch. To exemplify their resilience: during an intense storm in Denver in May 2017, there was $2.3 billion in hail damage claims to cars and properties, but only one of over 3,000 solar panels at the Denver NREL campus had hail damage and needed repair.

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Part of living in Denver is dealing with the aftermath of the frequent hailstorms during the spring and summertime. If your solar panels experience hail damage after a storm, call Sopris Solar for repairs. Denver home and business owners have trusted us with their roofs for over a decade, and when the next storm comes, we are here to help.

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