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Solar panels are relatively low-maintenance and low-risk. The majority of people with solar power do not ever experience a problem with their solar system. However, sometimes it happens, and unfortunately, in a state with extreme weather like Colorado, solar panels may require repairs in Denver. The Sopris Solar repair experts have helped Denver home, and business owners continue to get the most out of their solar services for over ten years. If your solar panels are damaged, it is important that you take care of the solar panel repairs as quickly as possible because a damaged system cannot function to maximum potential, which leads to energy waste and higher costs.

The weather in Denver can be volatile, which can pose a risk to solar panels. The main threat to the solar system on your Denver property is the intense hailstorms we experience during the spring and summer months, as the chunks of ice can crack the protective glass on the panels. Denver’s frequent rain and snow are also issues for solar service because even though the system is waterproofed and epoxied, the weather will degrade it over time. If debris from a storm that damages it, the protective glass on the solar panel will need to be replaced. For Denver homes that burn down, we offer solar panel replacement services. No matter what the hazard, we are here to help fix it. Our Denver solar panel repair experts are always professional and come up with a custom plan of action for each solar panel repair project.

If you are a prior customer of Sopris Solar and the warranty is still valid for your solar panel, repairs are covered. The installation itself has a 10-year warranty, and all materials used are covered for 12 years; we also boast a performance guarantee of 25 years. So, if anything goes wrong with your solar service during that timeframe, repairs for the solar panels are free! Everything is covered by homeowner’s insurance and your warranty package. This is part of our mission to provide great solar service from start to finish for our Denver clients. If you are a new client coming to us for Denver solar repair help, we offer great rates for fixing your panels and restoring the solar service at your Denver home or business. If any repairs are needed to be done to the roof itself, we have experts on staff in Denver that can fix it and return the building’s solar service to normal.

Free Solar Repair Estimates in Denver

We provide free estimates for solar repairs to current and prospective clients in Denver. Even if you did not purchase your solar system from us, we can help you with repairs on other company’s systems. Call or click today to see how much your solar panel repairs will run you. Our Denver specialists will examine your solar system and give an honest quote based on damage level, equipment needed, and warranty.

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