Removal & Re-Installation

In addition to installing solar panels and systems in Denver, we specialize in solar panel replacement and removal as well. Whether you need a solar panel replacement because of damage or wanting to bring them with you on a move, solar panel removal and replacement is something that should be left to the professionals like the team at Denver's Sopris Solar. Demounting panels incorrectly could prove to be a costly mistake, but you can place your trust in us when it comes to solar panel removal and solar panel replacement in Denver.

Replacing Old Solar Panels and Roofs in Denver

A typical roof in Denver has a lifespan of about 25 years, which is the same as our solar panels' warranty. This is because it is inevitable that things erode and degrade over time, especially in the harsh Colorado weather in Denver. After 25 years it's time to start looking into reroofing and replacing solar panels, and the only place you should turn for free estimates and quality workmanship in Denver is Sopris Solar. Our team members are roofing experts that are equipped to handle the repairs after the solar panel removal process and use a racking system to minimize impact to the roof while handling your solar panel replacement project. If your panels are okay and just the roof needs replacing, we can remove the solar panels and then reinstall them once the new roof is finished. Sopris Solar of Denver can remove any size system for both residential and commercial establishments.

Why Else to Remove Solar Panels

If you choose to purchase your solar system, it's yours; that means it can relocate with you. Removing solar panels from a Denver roof is quick and low-hassle. There is a great benefit to transfer them to a new home. With our monitoring systems we can check if the panels are still functioning, and if they are we can remove them and add them to the roof of your new home elsewhere in Denver! It is a quick process to guarantee you get the most out of your solar energy savings, no matter where in Denver you call home. Our roofing experts can repair any damages caused while removing the solar panels and guarantee a quality job as not to compromise the look of the home you are selling. For your new Denver property, we can retrofit and adjust the solar panels to work with a new layout. This option is much more cost-effective for relocated Denver homes or businesses than getting an entirely new system.

Providing Denver With Free Estimates on Solar Panel Removal and Solar Panel Replacement

No matter the situation, Sopris Solar does an expert job at removing and replacing solar panels in Denver. Contact us now to set up a consultation, where a specialist can examine the solar system and provide an estimate at no cost or pressure. If you are a Denver home or business owner, call today for solar panel removal and replacement!