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One of the main selling points for solar panels is their low maintenance. Most of our Denver customers reap the benefits of solar energy without ever having to think twice about the panel system installed on their roof. They don’t require much cleaning, are weather-resistant, and backed by great long-term warranties. However, if anything does happen to your Denver solar system, we offer solar panel maintenance service to fix anything that is broken or functioning at a low level. We want to ensure you get maximum output out of your solar panels, and Denver’s Sopris Solar gets you there.

It would be great if your Denver house would clean itself. Well, solar panels are low-maintenance and basically do, which is a great reason to invest in them. Once they are mounted, you likely never have to touch them or do any maintenance to the solar panels. The Denver wind, rain, and snow will do their thing and automatically clean off the tilted panels. If you live in areas of Denver that have high pollen levels or nearby foliage, your solar panel maintenance may entail merely hosing them down once or twice a year. Since solar panels last 25 to 40 years and save property owners tens of thousands of dollars, it is worth the effort. It’s important the glass panels are clear, as that way the PV technology can extract the maximum energy from the sun’s rays on those sunny Denver days.

Your solar panels are all connected to a monitor, which is a record of how the Denver system is functioning. The monitor provided to you as part of your Sopris solar energy system will let you visualize the stats of it, much like a report card. It will tell you if the output is high, average, or low, alerting you to when you have a problem and should have a Denver solar panel maintenance specialist inspect. The monitor will tell you if any parts are not functioning, which our Denver staff can quickly replace at no cost if under warranty. We also have a monitor of your roof’s solar system, so we always know what is going on, and if you miss something we will catch it! Sopris’ solar panel maintenance experts can fix any wiring, bolt, or panel issue in Denver and get your system back in action as quickly as possible.

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If your Denver solar energy system seems not to be functioning as well, stop wondering why and find out today! Sopris Solar has professional equipment, tests, and monitors to figure out what the issue is and how to fix it. Denver-area home and business owners have turned to us for maintenance services for solar panels for over ten years. We would love to add you to our customer base; call today for any solar panel maintenance needs in Denver!

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