There is a lot to consider when you start thinking about installing a solar energy system on your Denver property. The main thing to remember is that it is an investment (and a great one at that), but it does require upfront costs to start saving later on. Luckily, Denver’s Sopris Solar is here to help you navigate the process, with many options for financing for both homeowners and business owners. The state of Colorado and US government also offer many monetary incentives to go solar in Denver because of its environmental benefits.

Buy Your Denver Energy for the Best Deal

If you have enough up front, you get the most for your money if you purchase a Denver solar system setup from us. This means you own all the hardware that comes with solar panels and the energy they produce. We offer the lowest price per kilowatt to Denver buyers; therefore they see the quickest return on their investment, usually around five years after installation. A purchased plan also comes with all warranties, including our 10-year workmanship, 12-year product, and 25-year performance warranties. When you choose to invest in buying solar equipment from us, we promise professional work in Denver from start to finish and are here to help with any questions or maintenance needs that arise.

Loans Through Denver’s Sopris Solar

Not everyone in has money to buy. In Denver, we partner with financers like Mosiac Solar, Dividend Solar, and GreenSky Financing to offer customers the opportunity to switch to solar for no money down. There are low-interest rates and monthly payment options available through these partners, or local Denver refinancing companies or creditors. Once everything is set up, running, and generating solar, the bill for a loan tends to be much lower than Denver customers’ old monthly utility bill, and solar loans are always a flat, fixed rate, no matter how much you generate or use. The loan can transfer between homeowners should you sell your Denver home before finishing payments.

Save Money With A Denver Solar System

Solar is the right decision for the environment and your wallet, which is why the government offers incentives for Denver residents to make the switch. There is a 30 percent tax credit for solar setup costs, and federal property tax exemptions for the increase in value your Denver home receives with a solar system. The benefits of generating solar are two-fold, with thousands and energy bill savings and home value increases.

$0 Down to Switch to Solar In Denver

Call us today and learn how to have a solar system set up on your Denver property with no start-up costs. Our Denver consultants and financing experts are here to help people with all bank accounts start investing in their own energy instead of corporate utilities. Call or click today to be connected with a Denver solar expert.