Design & Installation

If you are a Denver property owner dismayed by your high energy bill and what your usage is doing to the environment, the answer to both problems is solar panel installation. Converting to solar energy is better for your wallet and the atmosphere and is only a phone call away. Sopris is a full-service solar company with hundreds of happy solar installation clients in the Denver area, and we are ready to add you to the list! In addition to taking care of the maintenance, warranties back all of our Denver solar panel installation projects, so you can feel confident in choosing Sopris to help you switch to solar.

Solar Installation in Denver

We take pride in every solar panel installation project, which is why each property in Denver gets a customized plan to ensure maximum productivity and output. There are many options regarding the placement of panels and necessary coverage, and during a consultation, our Denver solar panel installation team will go over all details in depth to help you decide on the best system for your specific solar energy needs. We inspect your Denver home or business and configure sunlight angles for peak functionality. Our experts talk with you about goals for energy savings and how solar installation ideally will completely negate your utility bill. After our Denver engineers develop a layout, we get to work on installing solar panels and solar systems, which include battery banks that can be used as a backup generator for power outages in Denver. For our solar installations, we use only top-of-the-line equipment, waterproof everything, and include warranties on both materials and services.

Denver Solar Installation Project Timeline

  • 6 – 8 weeks: Entire project length. Varies based on HOA rules and utility company.
  • 1 - 2 days: Construction time to install solar panels in Denver.
  • 25 years: Sopris Solar's solar installation warranty.
  • 40 years: Max lifespan for installed solar panels in Denver.

Where Can Solar Panels Be Installed?

When people think of where solar panels are in Denver, the most common scenario is likely the rooftop of a home or business. However, solar can be installed on all types of surfaces including carports, gazebos, sheds, or just mounted on the ground. South-facing tilts catch the most sunlight in Denver, but our expert installation can create solar energy no matter what angle your property has.

Free Estimates for Denver Solar Panel Installation

If you are considering solar installation in Denver, contact Sopris, and we can show you how solar energy will benefit your building and your bank account. Set up a free consult today to have an expert come talk with you and take a look at your property to see what we can offer you in terms of solar.Our estimates are always free, honest, and professional