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If you look around your neighborhood in Denver, you will notice more and more people have installed solar panels and systems. The benefits to having a solar system powering your Denver home or business are plentiful, so reach out to Sopris Solar, a high-quality solar energy company in Denver, today! Our knowledgeable Denver staff can inform you on all things solar, from the cost of installing solar panels at your property to the savings a solar system from a solar company like Sopris can bring you. For over a decade we have been the go-to solar panel company Denver turns to for professional solar system service.

How Solar Panels on your Denver Property Work

You need a solar energy company that will help you harness the sun’s resources with solar panels and translate rays into lower energy bills. As a quality solar panel company in Denver, our team places photovoltaic panels on sunlit surfaces and the cells in the panels convert the light into electricity. That electricity is then used to power your Denver home or business, meaning you are creating and using your own energy rather than buying it from corporate utility companies. Switching to solar with the help of a solar panel company like Denver’s Sopris Solar will allow you to not only be in charge of your energy production but also costs, as solar reverses your meter and provides you with rebates. A quality solar panel company presents limitless opportunities, and excess energy is credited back to you and your utility grid, able to be used during the night or on cloudy Denver days. For more information on what a quality solar energy company can do for your Denver property, feel free to contact Sopris Solar with any questions you may have.

Solar System Savings in Denver

While installing a solar system does entail upfront costs, there is relief in terms of sales and property tax exemptions, and a 30 percent federal Investment Tax Credit for installing solar panels at your Denver property. Once you make the switch with the help of a solar panel company, it is an excellent investment almost immediately in terms of the decreased energy bill and increased property value. Solar resource company EnergySage found an average of $39,426 in energy savings for Denver property owners that have solar systems. Having a solar energy company add solar panels also increases the value of homes by about $5,000 per kilowatt, and solar-equipped homes sell about 20 percent faster.

With the economic and environmental (less fossil fuels!) benefits of solar panels, there is no reason to wait on solar system installation. Sopris Solar, one of Denver’s quality solar companies, can help you make the switch and start saving. As a quality solar company, we provide free estimates and are happy to answer any questions you have about solar energy systems, so call us for more information. Don’t wait any longer to hop on the solar bandwagon, call or click above today for a free estimate in Denver from a reliable solar company.

As a top solar energy company, our team of professionals at Sopris Solar would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the solar services that we are proud to offer.

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