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Most of our solar installations are done upon the roofs of Denver’s residential homes. In addition to solar panel installation, we also provide minor residential roof repair services to best suit the needs of your Denver home’s solar installation. The residential roofing services that we provide to our Denver clients are renowned for reason, as they are unrivaled by those offered by any of our competitors.

When we say Sopris Solar offers full-service solar panel installation to Denver, what do we mean? We mean that in addition to installation and removal of solar panels, we are also available to perform solar panel specific roofing repairs. We understand the important role that the roof of your Denver home plays in your everyday life, and our residential roof repair team will work hard to help make sure that your roof remains fully functional.

When installing solar panels in the residential areas of Denver, we offer minor residential roofing repairs. These roofing repairs are performed on a case by case basis, but typically involve minor fixes such as patching and filling where the hardware will be mounted to ensure your solar panels remain properly adhered to your roof. Similarly, we offer minor repair services following the removal of solar panels to ensure that your Denver home’s roof is not compromised by said removal.

If you’re moving and want to bring your solar panels with you, we can help. Sopris Solar is available to remove the solar panels, perform minor residential roofing repair on your Denver home as needed and reinstall the solar panels on your new roof. You may have a variety of contractors willing to perform the work of removing and reinstalling the solar panels atop your Denver home, but why enlist the aid of other solar service providers when you can hire the best in the industry, Sopris Solar? Solar panels have many delicate and specialized parts, so don’t trust just anyone with the solar panels on your Denver home, allow the experts of Sopris Solar to show you what world-class solar services entail.

We know residential roofing, as it pertains to solar systems, on a level that remains unmatched by other solar service providers. If you’re moving, upgrading your solar panels or installing your first set of solar panels, take comfort in the knowledge that Sopris Solar of Denver will be there through every step of the way with peerless residential roofing services that will make the process seem effortless. If you’re ready to run your Denver home off your own your electricity, give us a call or reach out online today.

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