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If you live off-the-beaten-path in Colorado, or if you seek complete energy independence for your Denver area home, you need an off-grid solar system that will provide all the power you need.

Since 2013, Sopris Solar has been helping Denver property owners gain energy independence through off-grid as well as grid-tied solar electric systems. Trust our experts to help you achieve savings and security through the number of proven alternative energy solutions we can apply to your Denver home.

An off-grid solar power system provides power independent of a utility to Denver properties. Such systems typically employ an array of photovoltaic (PV) solar panels to produce electricity from the sun, as well as a large battery bank in which to store it for whenever power is needed. The typical solar array of a Denver home is sized large enough to recharge the battery bank compltetely on a daily basis. Because solar modules make DC power, the same type of electrical charge stored by solar batteries, an inverter is used to provide regular 120 or 240-volt AC power to the electric panel of your Denver residence. A complete off-grid solar system can also use an AC generator, fueled by propane or natural gas, as a backup should there be unexpected loads or insufficient sun with which to recharge the battery bank. Denver off-grid solar systems are typically designed with a battery bank large enough to meet the planned electrical loads for up to three days without solar recharging, which is typically enough to get through most storms.

Off-grid solar panels can be mounted on roofs, poles, or on ground-mounts, and can also be used to provide shade by incorporating them into solar pergolas, awnings, carports, animal shelters, or any other structure that may surround your Denver home. Regardless the design, Sopris Solar has installed off-grid solar systems of all sizes and degrees of complexity. When it comes to off-grid power in Denver, we can do it all.

30 percent federal tax credits can also be applied to your Denver off-grid solar power installation, which can help to make this a viable alternative to hooking up to the grid when the cost of doing so is high. For homes that are too far from the grid altogether, or for Denver homeowners who simply want the independence and security that comes with owning your own power supply, Sopris Solar can provide a well-designed, professionally installed, reliable off-grid solar systems.

No other solar services provider in Denver has your best interest in mind like we do. If you have any questions, are in need of assistance, or would like an estimate on the off-grid solar services that we provide to Denver, contact us! We would love to hear from you.

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