are you brand new to Solar panels? No worries. Lots of people are.

You’re probably like the majority of Americans. 94% of Americans don’t currently have solar panels installed on their homes. That means asking questions about how solar panels work is normal, and we want to be your resource for those answers.

The steps below are meant to be a general guide for how this process will work. Everyone is different though, so please remember, this is really just meant to be information about how solar panels mights work on your home. (Or business. We do that, too.)

Step 1: Understand your needs

Everyone has a different home or business, with different sunlight patterns, weather considerations, roof materials and inclines, sizes, etc. Basically, your solar panel system needs to be customized just for you. That’s our first step, we come out to your location, look around at everything, and then we say, “Alright, so what is your primary motivation for installing solar panels?”

Step 2: Pick your power output

Rooftop solar is typically limited only by rooftop area, and most homes don’t need more space. However, some installations are put on custom made racks away from your home or business. Some installations are for community solar. Basically, we just need to know how much electricity you use, or plan to use.

Step 3: WE Design your installation

Since every customer is different, we have to design every single solar installation to custom fit your needs. Some people want battery storage. Others don’t. Some roofing materials need to be retrofitted. Others don’t. This process is all about making sure whatever we install will properly deliver you electricity, but also makes sure your roof drainage isn’t compromised, and that you’re getting the maximum efficiency for your location.

Step 4: Payment, taxes, and financing

Once we have figured out what you need, we move to how you’re going to pay. Many of our customers are eligible for financing, and there are several state and federal tax incentives that can help lower the cost of installing solar panels. Your sales representative will discuss all your options, and you pick what works best for your needs and budget. We aren’t here to up-sell you the most expensive system. We’re here to give you the right system for your budget.

Step 5: Let’s get ready to instaaaaaaaaaallllll

Once payment arrangements are in order, it’s time to install your solar panels, battery backups, and whatever else is on your estimate. Some installations are fast and take only a day. Other installations can take several days. Please keep in mind that we are doing high-voltage electrical work, and doing things fast can’t always happen. Safety and long-term reliability are more important than doing something fast.

Step 6: We connect you to the grid

Once your solar panels are installed, we run everything to the big breaker box commonly found in your garage, basement, or mother-in-law suite. This tells the electricty companies that you need them just a little less. Some of our customers generate enough electricity to sell power back to the grid. Instead of a power bill, they get a power… check. That’s pretty cool.


About one month after your solar panels are installed, your sales representative will call you to go over your new power bill, and what you should expect from your solar panels. If you didn’t get a battery backup installed with your panels, your sales representative may recommend battery solutions based upon how much extra electricity you’re generating.

Step 8: You’re making green energy

Eight minutes ago, a roaring nuclear fusion reactor set loose radiation that finally reached our planet in the form of light. What we’re saying is, your’e now harnessing the power of the sun, the largest source of power in our solar system, to light, heat, cook, play with your robo-vacuums, and everything else. That’s pretty cool, and you’re now part of the climate change solution.

Step 9: You TALK TO US

Now that you know how it all works, it’s not so intimidating. Solar panel installtion in Colorado and Wyoming is what we do. Let’s talk.

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