Service & Repair

At Sopris Solar, we understand that accidents happen. Whether it is due to age, or perhaps the weather, the solar panels on your Denver business will at sometime need servicing or repair. It is important to keep your solar panels in excellent condition to ensure they work efficiently bringing your Denver commercial business the heating, cooling, and electricity it needs.

Providing Denver With Complete Solar Service

It is unlikely that much damage will come to your solar panels, as there are few moving parts on the panels. However, Sopris Solar professionals are there to provide any solar panel repair services that your Denver business’ solar panels may need. To acccomplish this, our team will first take a look at the repairs that need to be addressed. We will then take an estimate as to how much and how long it would take to repair your solar panel installation. We understand that every individual customer and their Denver business are unique, and we always consider that when providing a solar service estimate.

Repairing Damaged Solar Panels Across Denver

In Denver, likely cause of any damage to your solar energy system will be hail, water, rocks, or fire. When you hire Sopris Solar to handle your Denver business' solar panel repairs, you trust that you will receive complete, quality solar services that will return full functionality to your solar energy system.


Our solar repair team is more than capable of handling all of your hail-related repairs. The cells of the solar panels on your Denver business have a cover made of protective glass that can be damaged by hail storms. Smaller cells may be more expensive up front, however, it may be a much more cost-effective option in the long run to invest in these if your business is in an area of Denver that is prone to hail storms as they will help you to avoid requiring recurring solar panel repairs.


The seals around the solar panel will naturally begin to deteriorate over time, which may allow water to seep through the cells of the solar panel, luckily for Denver property owners, our solar repair professionals can handle that. Periodic maintenance to reseal the connections and protective glass will ensure that the water will not cause short-circuiting or moisture build up. Sopris Solar's vast array of solar services includes water-related solar panel repairs, allowing us to handle any issue that may arise in your Denver business' solar panels due to water damage of any degree.

Rocks and Foreign Material

Sometimes random debris may fall onto your solar panels, whether it be rocks or branches from a tree. These things can cause damage that may break the protective glass of the solar panel. Often, the best way to resolve this damage is to replace the protective cover of your Denver business’ solar panels.


Like most things, fire can damage solar panels quite extensively. In the event of a fire at your Denver business, serious damage can come to your solar panels, and they made need to be replaced altogether. Sopris Solar's solar repair professionals can assist you in your solar panel repair and replacement needs.

Give us a call or contact us via email for estimates or any questions you may have about our solar panel repair or any of the other solar services that we are proud to provide to Denver.