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Learn how this Littleton non-profit HOA garage went from boring to carbon-neutral

This Littleton Homeowner’s Association wanted to make the most out of their shared parking and shared community space. Many HOA’s have buildings like this, with shared parking, and a shared community space for gathering and events. All that rooftop space was being wasted, so we added on some solar panels. Why should your HOA want […]

Top 3 Reasons Why Going Solar is Good for the Earth

Happy Earth Day! Scientists have projected that the ️sun produces enough energy in one-tenth of a second to provide for the entire planet’s power consumption needs for 600 years. It is imperative that we do all we can to harness this energy and the numerous environmental benefits that go along with it. As we celebrate […]

Thirsty??  Well, Going Solar Saves Water

Ahhh. . .sweet, sweet water.  Warm showers in the morning, relaxing dips in the pool, ice cold lemonade on a hot day, and beautiful beach backgrounds for your sandy feet selfies. How about clean clothes, clean dishes, and filling up Fido’s bowl? Did you know it takes 240 gallons of water to make a cell […]

What’s the I-300 Denver Green Roof Initiative?

The Denver Green Roof Initiative has Officially Made the November Ballot.   The Denver Green Roof Initiative is a grassroots campaign comprised solely of volunteers.  This initiative would create a new building code requiring large buildings (over 25,000 square feet) across Denver to dedicate a portion of their roof to solar or vegetation.   FAQs: […]

No Cash?  No Problem! 

Some Information About the Fannie Mae HomeStyle Energy Program There is no question that going solar dramatically reduces energy bills and adds significant value to a home. But what if you are a homeowner without cash on hand to pay for your solar energy system upfront?  Is it still possible to take advantage of these energy benefits? Yes, it […]

“HAIL” Yeah! – Hail Storms are No Match for Solar Panels

As you may recall (or may not want to recall), Denver and its surrounding suburbs were the victim of a massive storm earlier this year that catapulted “baseball” sized hail onto the city resulting in a record breaking 1.4 billion dollars in damages. It shattered car windows, destroyed building roofs, tore apart trees, and wreaked […]

Looming Tariffs Raise Solar Panel Prices and Threaten 2,000 Colorado Solar Energy Jobs

A recent decision by a US Trade Panel found that solar power imports are a threat to the domestic industry. The panel proposed a remedy through tariffs that will go in front of President Trump for approval. Our Governor, John Hickenlooper, along with 3 other governors, urged the commission not to support the tariffs citing […]

What Solar + Energy Storage Can Do For Tenants and Owners of Affordable Housing

As solar installations continue to rise across the country, people are thinking about how solar can best benefit low-income and underserved communities. A report recently released by the Clean Energy Group looks into how a combination of solar plus battery storage can benefit both building owners and tenants of multifamily affordable housing units. The analysis […]


With energy costs being an important aspect of a business, new financing models like Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) aim to increase energy savings through attractive long-term loans. The PACE program is a third party finance loan program that focuses on generating immediate positive cash flow for a business. Together, New Energy Improvement District, […]

Benefits of Commercial Solar

SOLAR FOR BUSINESSES At Sopris Solar, we know that running a business comes with many operating costs. Unfortunately, energy costs are an important expense that commercial businesses need to cover. By installing a solar power system for your business you can significantly reduce your electricity bills and protect your business from utility rate hikes for decades […]