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Introducing: The Santa Solar Safety System – Exclusively from Sopris Solar

One of the most common questions we get from potential customers is related to Christmas: “What about Santa? If I install solar panels on my roof, where will Santa land his sleigh?” Until this year, we didn’t have an answer, but that all has changed. We are introducing a patent-pending system that is designed to […]

This Golden installation comes with golden hour photography

From the street, you’d never know this home has 17 solar panels on the rear slope of its roof. This lovely Golden, Colorado home was a perfect fit for an almost invisible solar installation, because the rear slope just had so much space to work with. This homeowner reports an average of 500 kWh per […]

Check out this 27 panel solar installation in Fort Collins

This home didn’t have a huge roof to work with, but we still managed to squeeze 27 total solar panels onto the roof. Luckily, this house gets a ton of direct sunlight, there are no trees obstructing the skyline, and the homeowner wanted the maximum bang for his buck. One thing to note when installing […]

Two houses in Castle Rock get solar power

Let’s start with the big boy of the group. This is a fairly large solar installation, but some families just have a larger need. This one was 36 total panels, and this homeowner has reported peak generation of 1,320 kWh in a single month. Some houses with more roof area can handle more panels, and […]

Learn how this Littleton non-profit HOA garage went from boring to carbon-neutral

This Littleton Homeowner’s Association wanted to make the most out of their shared parking and shared community space. Many HOA’s have buildings like this, with shared parking, and a shared community space for gathering and events. All that rooftop space was being wasted, so we added on some solar panels. Why should your HOA want […]

How an Arvada, Colorado community turned their suburbs to solar

The suburbs. When you conjure up images of cul-de-sacs and basketball hoops on the street, you’re probably not thinking about solar panels. This project started with one home in Arvada in 2019. We showed up and installed a 5kW system on a roof, and the family was absolutely amazed at how they easy the process […]