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Sopris Solar is named after Mount Sopris, a mountain that dominates the skyline of Carbondale and the lower Roaring Fork Valley outside Aspen. The mountain was named after Richard Sopris, a former mayor of Denver and part of the first European expedition in the Roaring Fork. This same adventurous spirit is what led to the formation of Sopris Solar 5 years ago.

At Sopris Solar, we pride ourselves on our culture and dedication to provide the most cost-effective solar installations to Colorado home and business owners. With the explosive growth of the solar industry, homeowners and businesses are inundated with offers from solar companies. Colorado’s 300+ sunny days and increasing utility rates have brought an influx of solar companies from California and Utah to the area. However, do these companies know the state like a local installer, more importantly, how long will they be in the area before they move on to greener pastures?

Sopris Solar provides full-service affordable energy solutions for homeowners, businesses, and non-profits throughout the Colorado area. We specialize in roof-mounted solar installations, ground mounts, solar farms, energy storage, geothermal heating/cooling systems, as well as removal and reinstallation insurance claims. More importantly, Sopris Solar is the only local solar company that has offices in and throughout Colorado. From Denver to Aspen, Fort Collins to Colorado Springs; our team has extensive knowledge of your community’s net-metering laws and current rebate programs. Our staff operates under the belief that the true value of solar isn’t necessarily dependent on the equipment that is installed on your home but based on the expertise and integrity of the installers.

Sopris Solar is committed to corporate social responsibility and helping to improve the quality of life for everyone as we sustain our environment for future generations. We are constantly striving to inspire these values in our employees, partners, and customers because this responsibility is integral to the success of our business and future of our environment.

Whatever your reason for going solar, let Sopris Solar help you get there.


Great sales team and installation crew. The system is up and running and it only took four weeks, Extremely pleased with Sopris Solar.   – Greg M. – Lakewood

I am very happy with my systems performance and would recommend them to anyone that would like to go solar. Great team at Sopris Solar.     – Jim P.

I was really impressed with how they came did an energy audit after our initial consultation and provided us with a complete LED retrofit of our home, as well as the FREE Nest Thermostat. That cut our energy usage by 15% before we even installed the solar. Everything including the system monitoring is running perfectly.   – Rachel S.

My husband and I were completely impressed by the entire process provided by Sopris Solar. From Quote, to Sale, to Installation – we were provided with honest answers and a seamless step-by-step process. Nathan Billmaier was kind, efficient, and extremely knowledgeable. He answered all of our questions and was happy to pick up our calls at all hours when we asked for advice. The installation was great and did not disrupt any of our daily activities. Sopris Solar is top notch and we can not be happier with our choice to use this company.   – Rochelle S.

The crew did a terrific job on the installation at my home. Their attention to detail was evident and much appreciated. the system looks great.   – Matt M.

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