You did it. Finally. You have an electric car. But wait, you’re still burning fossil fuels.

If you’re charging your electric car from the grid, that means your car is still using electrons that were generated by burning fossil fuels. Why? Because Colorado and Wyoming still have a heavy dependence upon coal and gas.


We install charging ports

Chances are, if you own an electric car, you know it needs regular charging. There are many types of chargers out there, with different manufacturers needing different plugs, voltages, etc.

Here’s the great news: You don’t need to think about it. No matter what kind of charger you need installed, chances are, we’ve done it a few times.

Solar Panels And EV Charging System

Solar panels pair well with an EV charger, simply because all it requires is an inverter to take the direct current coming off your panels, and into your car. Your car requires the same kind of inverted your house needs, so it’s all one install.

How big is your car’s battery?

Every electric car is different, so the size of your solar panel array can usually meet, if not exceed how much power your car will need. We’ll talk to you abou it, but basically — we’ll look at what kind of car you have, how big the battery is, and then we’ll make a suggestion about how this will impact your total usage.

Future-Proof Your System

It’s common for us to install a car-charging system, even if you don’t own an electric car.

Yes. Seriously. If you’re planning on buying an electric car in the next… 5, 10, or even 15 years, you should install your infrastructure today.

Moreover, if you have friends and family who visit, and they own an electric vehicle, you can share your electricity.


Talk to us today about your EV plans, and we’ll set you up for the perfect system.

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