What tax credits, rebates, and incentives you have available

Colorado makes it easy to install solar panels, and Wyoming is similar. It’s going to depend on your city, state, county, etc. But basically, there are options out there, and they’re always adding more.

Colorado Energy Smart offers rebates from $400 to $3,000 depending on where you live. These are for Eagle Valley, Roaring, Fork, and Summit County.

Energy Smart

Holy Cross Energy

For customers of Holy Cross, a live rebate per kW is $750 for the first 6kW, and stepped down for bigger solar panel installations. If you install a 6kW system, you’ll usually save about $4,500 with this rebate.


Sales Tax Exemption

Because of Colorado’s Sales and Use Tax exemption, you’ll notice something missing on your invoice: Sales taxes. Solar panel systems in Colorado are sale-tax exempt. This includes battery backup systems as well.


You added value to your home, but won’t pay property taxes for it.

Solar panels add value to your home, but here’s some good news: Your property taxes don’t include your solar panels. So you won’t be assessed on the value the system adds to your home. That means you’re saving money.

Property Tax Exemption
The Federal Solar Tax CRedit

The Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is the biggest solar subsidy available. You can reduece the total cost of your setup by up to 26% when you use the ITC.

Here’s the only rule: The ITC only applies to owners who pay cash, or finance. Leasing is not an option for the ITC, so keep that in mind if you’re considering leasing. (We don’t offer leasing programs to our customers.)