Denver Solar Panel Removal

Removing solar panels may be as simple as unplugging the connection wires underneath and unbolting the panels from the mounting device. However, the task should be done by a professional, and our technicians are happy to provide the service. If you’re moving your Denver business to a different location, an installer will need to remove the mounting hardware that holds your panels upright. This means you may also need some roof patchwork, luckily, Sopris Solar can perform minor roofing repair services to make sure your Denver business continues to be protected by a fully functional roof. Worried about what this extra work will mean for your budget? Don’t, these services are actually included with each solar panel removal and or replacement we perform.

Solar Panel Replacement Company in Denver

If you have outdated panels, it may be beneficial to have your Denver business’ solar panels replaced or upgraded. With the cost of new solar panels having dropped immensely it may be beneficial and less expensive, to upgrade your Denver solar system now! Our professionals at Sopris Solar will provide you with an honest estimate for the replacement or removal of your Denver commercial business’ current solar panels.

Sopris Solar Panel Removal and Replacement Services in Denver

The professional technicians of Sopris Solar are fully trained and equipped to provide peerless solar panel removal and replacement services atop your Denver business. We highly recommend contacting an installer before doing any solar panel replacement or removal work yourself, as working with electricity and roofing can both be severely dangerous. Don’t risk injury for to improve the energy efficiency of your Denver business, leave it the experts of Sopris Solar.

Give us a call or contact us via email for estimates or any questions you may have regarding your Denver business’ solar panels! We want to make sure that your Denver business’ energy continues to flow properly, and we do that through quality solar panel replacement and removal services.


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