When you choose to purchase your solar power from Sopris Solar, you get the lowest price per kilowatt. You also qualify for the ITC (Investment Tax Credit) from the government. The ITC is a tax credit on your federal taxes equivalent to 30 percent of the price you paid for your solar installation and associated costs required for the installation. Milestone payments are required throughout the project process, and all payments must be made by the time of receiving permission to operate. Included with your purchase are product warranties (fulfilled by the manufacturers) and the Sopris Solar’s 25-year workmanship warranty. Typically, our customers experience a return-on-investment in as little as five years. Purchased solar has been shown to increase home value approximately $6,000 per kilowatt.


For homeowners that do not have the financing to support an upfront purchase of a solar system, financing can be a better choice. With Sopris Solar’s loan options through finance partners like Mosaic Solar, Dividend Solar, and GreenSky Financing, homeowners can “purchase” their solar for no money down. Loans are repaid with a fixed monthly cost and low interest. Also, many homeowners may also go to their local lender to obtain a home equity line of credit or refinance and obtain funds for the system. ITC still benefits the homeowners, which often makes loans very appealing. Like a purchase, the homeowner is protected with product warranties (fulfilled by the manufacturers) and the Sopris Solar 25-year workmanship warranty. Customers have a lower-cost loan payment for their solar, instead of a high electric bill from the utility each month. The loan is transferable or can be bought out.

Give us a call or contact us via email for estimates or any questions you may have about how our financing options can help you achieve the goals that you have for your property.


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