Taxes, rebates, credits, financing, and more.

Along with federal tax credits, you may be eligible for rebates from the state, and credits from your electric company. On top of that, we offer financing from Mosaic and other partners, so you can start your solar installation with a minimal up-front cost. (On approved credit.)

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Got commercial solar questions?

Commercial solar installations are a little different than residential. Usually, it’s more rooftop space. Secondly, Colorado has green roofing requirements, so we’re now recommending a combination green roofing and solar solution for many businesses.

Your business is unique, so let’s talk about what makes it unique.

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Your home is your most important investment.

Putting solar panels on your home can be a big financial investment, but the payoff over time is undeniable. 94% of homeowners don’t have solar panels on their home, so if you have questions, you’re like everyone else.

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Electric Vehicles

When you charge your car, where does the electricity come from?

You purchased an electric car to lower your carbon footprint, but if you’re still buying your power from the grid, it’s still (usually) being powered by some combination of natural gas and coal, with some combination of hydro, wind and a teeny tiny amount of solar.

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