Check out this 27 panel solar installation in Fort Collins

This home didn’t have a huge roof to work with, but we still managed to squeeze 27 total solar panels onto the roof. Luckily, this house gets a ton of direct sunlight, there are no trees obstructing the skyline, and the homeowner wanted the maximum bang for his buck.

Side shot of panels installed on east-facing slope.

One thing to note when installing your solar panels, and you can see it here: Thinking aboout panel size and orientation can mean a seamless look. You’ll note that all the installation hardware is neatly tucked away, so only the panels are showing.

Close shot of solar panels on roof pitch

This is also seen here, where all you can see are panels. No wires are visible coming into, or out of the panels. It’s a clean, sleek look. That’s the difference between installers with experience and newbies. We’ve installed so many different solar systems, hiding the installation hardware just comes with the territory.

Overhead shot of 27 solar panels installed on home

Note that there is snow collecting under the edge of these panels. That’s a common question: What about snow? Can my solar panels handle it? Yes. They can. It usually melts off quickly in the morning. It’s a giant, hot, black panel.

Overhead shot of 27 solar panels


Four solar panels next to a skylight
Overhead shot of 27 solar panels