How an Arvada, Colorado community turned their suburbs to solar

The suburbs. When you conjure up images of cul-de-sacs and basketball hoops on the street, you’re probably not thinking about solar panels. This project started with one home in Arvada in 2019. We showed up and installed a 5kW system on a roof, and the family was absolutely amazed at how they easy the process was.

A shot from the top, with our newest installation in Arvada

Prior to our first installation, no home in this master planned community had solar power. But, the good news was actually great news — their HOA has no problems with solar. In fact, in Colorado, your HOA can’t stop you from getting solar power. So if you’re ever wondering, wonder no more. Solar is going to be just fine with your HOA.

Here you can see all three homes that we fitted with solar panels in Arvada

After we installed the first customer’s 5kW array, their neighbor called us and said, “Hey, I don’t like being left out.” So we returned and installed a 4 kW system next door.

From the front, you barely even notice this home is hiding a 4kW array on the roof

Of course, that wasn’t enough, so their OTHER neighbor called us back and let us know that he was feeling left out. His system ended up being an 8kW system with a ton of custom add-ons, including a battery wall for his Tesla Model S, and a battery backup system that can power his home for over three days.

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