Learn how this Littleton non-profit HOA garage went from boring to carbon-neutral

This Littleton Homeowner’s Association wanted to make the most out of their shared parking and shared community space. Many HOA’s have buildings like this, with shared parking, and a shared community space for gathering and events. All that rooftop space was being wasted, so we added on some solar panels.

Three solar panel sizes installed on a commercial garage building in Littleton, Colorado.

Why should your HOA want solar panels? It’s an easy community solar project. You can share the solar power, alongw ith powering any community buildings you have. Over the course of 5-6 years, this solar system is going to pay for itself, and then begin effectively lowering the HOA dues, because thee HOA now generates its own electricity.

You’ll notice the little mesh grates under these panels, designed to keep maintenance easy,.

With any HOA installation, you have the option of routing power to residents, the HOA buildings, or simply selling your energy back to the grid. (Or all of the above.)

Shared parking spaces are a great place to put solar panels, because the roof area would otherwise be unused.