Thirsty??  Well, Going Solar Saves Water

Ahhh. . .sweet, sweet water.  Warm showers in the morning, relaxing dips in the pool, ice cold lemonade on a hot day, and beautiful beach backgrounds for your sandy feet selfies. How about clean clothes, clean dishes, and filling up Fido’s bowl?

Did you know it takes 240 gallons of water to make a cell phone? Or 52 gallons to make an egg?

71% of the planet’s surface is covered with it and 61% of our bodies are composed of it.  Without water, none of the living organisms on earth would be able to survive. Experts warn us that the effects of climate change and pollution could set us on a path that could lead to a future water crisis of epic proportions.

We use energy to mine coal, generate power from fossil fuels, and pump essential crude oils to cool down power plants. According to a January 2015 report from the International Renewable Energy Association, producing a unit of electricity with solar panels uses as little as 1/200th of the water used by a typical power plant.  Water and power depend on each other and it is important that we do all we can to protect it.  Going solar is one way to accomplish this goal.


Consider this:

NO water is needed to convert sunlight into energy.  Zero. .Zilch. . .Zip. .Nada. . Nothing!

Solar Panels Do Not Require ANY Water to Generate Power.

Solar Panels Do Not Require ANY Water to Cool Down. Traditional power plants require trillions of gallons of water to cool. Plus they kill trillions of fish, and who doesn’t love fish?

The amount of water that is used to produce solar panels is LESS than any other power producing method that is currently available in entire world.

Solar Panel Cars Use LESS Water. They require no gas. It takes roughly 2-6 gallons of water to produce one gallon of gasoline. We use somewhere around 375 MILLION gallons of gas a DAY.

Water is essential for us to live. While solar panels are easily accessible and affordable, Sopris Solar encourages you to help save our world and Go Solar today.

By the way, it takes 1,260 Liters of water to make a small pizza.  Come on, at least save pizza!




*(IRENA 2015)