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Sopris Solar is dedicated to high quality and aesthetically pleasing installations built to last. Our goal is to provide homeowners, business owners, and non-profits across Denver with a simple and affordable way to get the best solar panels. We provide all of customers easy options to get solar power in Denver, all while saving every month on their utilities.

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If we aren’t saving our customers money with long-term aspirations of saving energy, then we are simply not doing our job to the best of our ability.

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A Solar Panel Company Providing Denver With Energy for the Future

Sopris Solar offers residential and commercial solar panels, which are the fastest growing and most resourceful ways to acquire energy. Our entire business is reliant on the latest in materials, planning and solar panel installation methods to best serve our Denver clients. As one of Denver’s top solar energy companies, we are focused on one thing: keeping you powered up for the future. We always hold ourselves accountable for the work we perform, and if our solar panel company isn’t saving customers money through our energy saving solar power solutions, then we are simply not serving Denver to the best of our ability.

About Our Solar Energy Company

Sopris Solar is dedicated to supplying the Denver area with high quality, aesthetically pleasing solar system installations that are built to last. Our goal is to provide property owners across Colorado with a simple and affordable way to procure the best in solar energy technology. Our solar energy company provides customers with accessible solar solutions, ensuring that cutting-edge alternative energy options are available to all.






Why Choose Us to be Your Solar Company?

Sopris Solar is second to none in the realm of solar energy, guaranteeing our customers durable installations that possess a pleasing, modern aesthetic. We provide homeowners, business owners, and non-profits with a simple, affordable way to obtain the best solar panels available in Denver. As a top solar energy company, we excel in lessening the amount of money our clients spend on utilities through the solar power services we extend throughout Denver.

Quality Service

The satisfaction of our Denver clients is our ONLY concern at Sopris Solar. As a top solar company, we demand only the best from our designers, installers and solar energy consultants. When you hire our solar panel company, the integrity of your home or business becomes our number one priority.

Perfect Solutions

At Denver’s Sopris Solar, we use every resource available to us to find the right solution for each of our customers. We are a top solar energy company because we can customize each solar system to your specific energy needs and budget.

Product Warranty

We only use high-quality solar power modules, inverters and racking systems. All of our solar systems carry a 25-year warranty, and we guarantee the workmanship of every solar panel removal and installation we perform throughout the Denver area.

A Solar Panel Company for Homes in Denver

Energy Saving

As a top solar panel company in Denver, we can dramatically reduce your monthly electric bills and protect your family from rising energy rates through the implementation of a quality solar system. The benefits of solar energy in Denver are undeniable – you’ll save money while doing your part to help the environment.

Federal and Local Incentives

The 30 percent Federal tax credit and local utility incentives provide homeowners with substantial subsidies to encourage companies in Denver to take advantage of solar energy services.

Increased Property Value

According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, each additional $1 in energy bill savings from your solar power system adds $20 to your home’s total value. A medium-sized home with solar panels averages 5kW of additional energy created, which can increase the value of the home by almost $30,000.

Decreased Carbon Emissions

Over the lifetime of a solar system, solar power can save up to 191,416 lbs. of dirty coal from being used, which is the equivalent of removing 38 cars from the road and planting 4,569 new trees per year.

A Solar Energy Company Helping You Sell your Home Faster

Installing solar panels atop your home can add significant value, allowing for a higher resale value. Also, Denver homes with solar panels typically sell 20 percent faster than properties without well designed solar energy system.

For Business

Enhance Company's Brand

In business, perception matters, a solar energy system in Denver can be a powerful statement to a business’ potential customers and clients of their environmental awareness allowing the business to stand out from its peers.

Compelling Economics

Congress recently extended the 30% Federal tax credit for solar. Companies in Denver with solar panels can also depreciate the system on a bonus accelerated (MACRS) schedule. Combined with generous local incentives from utility companies, a solar system in Denver can pay for itself in five years.

Achieve Sustainable Goals

Many businesses are adopting goals around environmental sustainability and clean energy utilization. Whether it’s earning LEED certification for your building, achieving corporate carbon reduction targets, or wanting your business to reflect your own environmental ethos, there are few better ways to green your Denver company than solar power.

Control and Eliminate Electric Costs

Utility cost increases are historically volatile, making it very challenging to budget for this important operating expense. With proper maintenance, a Denver solar power system provides energy cost certainty and transparency over the life of the system and beyond.

An Asset for Your Business

Often, business owners see a commercial solar panel system as just another capital expense. But a commercial solar system is an investment in your business—an asset that generates tax credits and cash savings that will last for decades. The newly enacted Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy Program (C-PACE) allows the installation of commercial solar systems for businesses to be financed at 100%.

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