Referral Program

Referral Program


Share your love for residential solar energy, and we’ll share the rewards through our solar referral program. Just tell friends and family about the benefits of residential solar panels and your Sopris Solar experience. When we finish the solar panel installations of the people you refer to us, we’ll send you a referral bonus.

There’s no limit to the number of bonuses you can receive through the Sopris Solar referral program, so why not tell everyone you know? Become a solar advocate — improve the planet, encourage reusable energy and gain bonuses that make solar energy even more affordable.

When your friend makes a decision to go solar with us, we send you

When your friend makes a decision to go solar with us, we send you



Per Customer Referral*



We want you to get the most out of our customer referral program. So we’re breaking down how it works.

Tell your friends and family about the incredible benefits of going solar the Sopris Way. When your friend makes (the right!) decision to go solar with us, we’ll send you a referral program bonus. The first bonus equals $400, but it gets even better!

If you continue to tell friends and family about the benefits of going solar with Sopris Solar, and they ultimately decide to install a solar system for their homes, we’ll send you $500! Every customer referral you make earns you a bigger payout, up to $1,000 per customer referral.*

You also have the option of allowing us to donate your referral program bonus, plus earn a bonus $50 for distribution to one of the following nonprofit organizations: Susan G. Komen Colorado, Boys & Girls Club, Junior Achievement. Think about it: You get to put your enthusiasm for solar energy to good use beyond your own home. You can advocate for renewable energy while gaining bonuses for yourself and worthwhile community organizations. It’s a double win.

*Bonuses are only paid for customer referrals that sign a contract with Sopris Solar. VISA gift card is mailed within 30 days of the referred customer’s solar panel installation.

We take ever customer referral seriously 

We know the value of happy customers and that satisfied customers, who have experienced the value and enjoyment of affordable, renewable residential solar energy firsthand, are the absolute best advocates for solar panels for homes. This means we take our customer referrals very seriously. We ensure that your family and friends’ expectations are met and then exceeded. Every time you refer a friend or family member, we work hard to custom design a solar system that meets their household needs for years and years to come. We want you to trust that everyone you refer will enjoy the same great customer experience you had with Sopris Solar

We want you to trust that everyone you refer will have the same great customer experience you had.

A business built on customer referrals

72% of our business comes from our customer referral program because we strive to deliver the best possible experience to everyone who decides to go solar with us.

We’re confident your home solar panels will change the way you view and enjoy electricity. Once it does, tell your friends about your new system. You’ll soon discover it pays to go solar, and it pays to share solar through our referral program.

Did You Kow?

Scientists have projected that the sun produces enough energy in one-tenth of a second to provide for the entire planet’s power consumption needs for 600 years. Pretty amazing! We get our electric bill every month from the utility company, but the sun never sends out a bill. Which one do you think your friends would you like to have keeping their lights on?

Share with your friends the many benefits of going solar. Tell them about the money and headaches you’ve saved by becoming your own energy provider. Let them know how it feels to take control of your energy needs and secure a lifestyle for your family that’s independent of utility companies. Describe your experience with our consultants, engineers and technicians; our 10-step installation process; and our customer service.

 by all means, please convey the important fact that by switching to solar, you’re doing your part to help eliminate harmful greenhouse gases in your communityAnd.

Keep in mind while making a recommendation that a solar panel system makes immediate financial sense for homeowners who have an average electric bill of $80 or more; a credit score of 650 or higher; and an unshaded, south-facing or east-west facing area on their roof or property where solar panels can be constructed for maximum sunray collection year round.

If you’ve experienced the benefits of solar, don’t keep them to yourself! Share the solar savings with your friends. We’ll thank you for spreading the word about the financial savings and positive environmental impact that going solar offers.

Get started with the solar referral program today!

Do you have neighbors, friends or family that may be interested in solar? Then take advantage of our referral program today! Either fill out our referral form with their name and contact information,or tell them to call us and make sure they mention that you sent them our way.

We appreciate you spreading the word about the benefits of solar and we’d like to thank you for sharing! We take care of your friends and family like they are our own, so make sure to mention Sopris Solar and start earning rewards today.