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Solar Solar is Colorado’s premier solar provider. Locally-owned and nationally recognized, we have hundreds of residential and commercial customers throughout the Colorado Area. We custom design every solar installation for our customers and offer purchase, finance and lease options.

There are a number of reasons residential solar in Colorado and beyond is a good decision. There are also a number of reasons now is the best time to get a solar energy. You’ve probably noticed that electricity rates are rising. Installing solar on your home is the best way to stabilize your energy costs. With solar, you won’t have to deal with steeply rising electricity rates and your wallet will thank you.

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When you choose to purchase your solar power from Sopris Solar, you get the lowest price per kilowatt. You also qualify for the ITC (Investment Tax Credit) from the government. The ITC is a tax credit on your federal taxes equivalent to 30% of the price you paid for your solar installation and associated costs required for the installation. Milestone payments are required throughout the project process and all payments must be made by the time of receiving Permission to Operate. Included with your purchase are product warranties (fulfilled by the manufacturers) and the Sopris Solar’s 25-year Workmanship warranty. Typically, our customers experience a return-on-investment in as little as 5 years. Purchased solar has been shown to increase home value approximately $6,000/kilowatt.


Financing a solar installation is a good option for homeowners that do not have the money required for an upfront purchase. With Sopris Solar’s loan options through finance partners like Mosaic Solar, Dividend Solar, and Greensky Financing, homeowners can “purchase” their solar for no money down. Loans are repaid with a fixed monthly cost and low interest. In addition, many homeowners may also go to their local lender to obtain a home equity line of credit or refinance and obtain funds for the system. Homeowners can still benefit from the ITC, making loans a very appealing offer. Like a purchase, the homeowner is protected with product warranties (fullfilled by the manufacturers) and the Sopris 25-year Workmanship warranty. Instead of a high electric bill from the utility each month, customers have a lower-cost loan payment for their solar. The loan is transferrable or can be bought out in the event you decide to move.

How Much Does Solar Cost?

There are three main factors that affect how much solar panels cost. The first is your historic energy consumption. How much energy you use will affect the number of home solar panels you need in order to offset your electricity bill. Whether or not you’re planning on adding any electric loads in the future, such as a pool or electric vehicle, will also affect the size and price of your solar installation in Denver or other Colorado counties. A second factor that affects the price of home solar panels is your usable roof space and its orientation to the sun. Thirdly, the condition of your roof and the type of shingles used will affect how much your solar panels cost.

Our consultants design custom solar systems that are intended to meet the energy needs of customers for the next 25+ years, so understanding past usage and future plans is critical when determining how much your solar panels cost. Generally, solar systems are rooftop installations. The usable roof space and roof orientation for solar panels are factors in solar panel cost for a couple reasons. First, if a home has limited roof space, a higher efficiency panel will have to be used. For the most successful rooftop solar installations, the rooftop orientation for solar panels should be facing south. This is so that they are exposed to as much sunlight as possible. In the event that the panels cannot be placed on the southern side of a home, panels can be installed in what is called a reversed-pitch.

In the event that a rooftop installation is not an option, or for those homeowners with large yards, a ground mount may be a good alternative. Mounting is another factor in how much solar panels cost. Some roofing materials are more complicated to work with than others. Composition shingle is the easiest for a home solar installation in Colorado, while clay tiles require a lot more attention. Also, a roof must be in somewhat good condition prior to having solar installed on it, so applicable roofing work may need to take place, which may factor into cost. Overall, solar energy in Colorado is a cost saving solution.